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Build a website in minutes that emits 99% less CO2

Sprout* is a no-code website builder that helps you effortlessly create websites that emit 99% less CO2 in minutes.

Created by leaders in eco-designed software:

Enverse Labs


Sprout* Features

Sustainable Templates

Launch your Sprout* Site in just minutes with our easy-to-use templates, no coding required. Crafted for lightning-fast loading times, accessibility, and minimal CO2 emissions.

Native Carbon Calculator

Measure the CO2 emissions of your Sprout*Site as you build it. Make informed, sustainable design choices to create a Sprout* Site that both your audience and the planet will love.

Green Hosting by Default

Sprout* Sites are hosted on 100% renewable energy from sun, wind, and sea. This means no shady carbon offsetting. Our hosting partner Krystal powers their data centres directly with energy generated from 100% renewable sources.

  • Hosted on 100% Renewable energy

  • No shady carbon offsetting

  • Energy efficient data centres

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Sprout* Benefits

Low Carbon

On average, a single web page generates 0.85 grams of CO2/user. For a website with 10,000 monthly page views, this equals 102kg of CO2/year: that’s more than 3 trees can absorb in a year!

Sprout* Sites emit 99% less CO2.

Amplify your Impact

Sprout* Sites are optimised for user engagement and SEO, helping you to achieve your mission and maximise your impact. Show your audience your commitment to sustainability with a Sprout* Site.

Sprout* Sites SEO score is 100/100

Always Accessible

Our commitment to accessibility ensures that your Sprout* Site is accessible to all. Leave no one behind while you make a positive impact.

Sprout* Sites accessibility score is 100/100

Contribute to a greener digital landscape

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Our Story

Individuals united to create a more sustainable and inclusive web and help purpose driven organisations succeed.

The four of us first met in 2022. Jesse and Chris had just founded Enverse Labs, a sustainable software agency, and Jonathan and Jamie were both working as freelance sustainable software developers.

We were all united in our purpose, creating sustainable software for purpose-driven organisations. We’d each been lucky enough to work with amazing organisations including community groups, innovative start ups, and even the United Nations! We all wanted to do more, and help more people.

Thus Sprout* was born! We decided to combine all of our knowledge of sustainable web design into one solution. We want Sprout* to push the boundaries of good practice in the web, and bring Sustainable Web Design to the mainstream!

Jesse, Chris, Jonathan, and Jamie

Questions for a better web

What is the carbon footprint of the web?

The internet currently produces approximately 3.7% of global carbon emissions. That's more than the entire airline industry! Our digital world does not exist in a vacuum, the data centres and transmission networks which make up the web, and even our own devices, all consume electricity and in turn produce carbon emissions. Each year web energy consumption is increasing by a shocking 20%. Here at Sprout* we're optimistic that together we can turn the tide and create a more sustainable web.

How can I check the CO2 emissions of my current website?

A number of great tools exist to measure the CO2 emissions of your website. We recommend and According to Website Carbon, the average web page produces approximately 0.85 grams CO2 equivalent per pageview. For a website with 10,000 monthly page views, that's 102kg CO2e per year. How does your website stack up?

How do you reduce the CO2 emissions of a website?

The most important thing you can do to reduce the CO2 produced by your website is to reduce it's size. Only include valuable content and try to avoid huge images, videos and unnessary content. The website code should be optimised to keep the site as small as possible. Furthermore, it's best to host the website with a green hosting provider that runs on 100% renewable energy. Our Sprout* Site templates have been optimised to be as small as possible and consume as little energy as possible, and are hosted on 100% renewable energy. That's how Sprout* Sites emit 99% less CO2 than the average site.

And if you have more questions about sustainable web development or Sprout* Sites just get in touch

Contribute to a greener digital landscape

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